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Fun in the Sun Family Day

What You’ll Need

If you’re looking for a getaway the kids will love, this trip is for you! Welcome to Lake Ripley where you’ll find Legion Memorial Park and Splash Pad, a perfect destination for a fun-filled day of outdoor activities. Afterward, you can unwind and enjoy a peaceful camping experience at Lake Ripley Campground. 

Memorial Park is one of those places the kids will want to come back to over and over again. It’s a community built playground and has been named “favorite playground in MN”. 

With its colorful fountains, water sprays, and exciting features, the Splash Pad provides endless hours of entertainment for kids and families. Watch as children delight in the refreshing water jets and playful atmosphere. Aside from the Splash Pad, Legion Memorial Park boasts well-maintained walking trails, spacious picnic areas, and even kayak rentals.

If the ice cream truck doesn’t stop by the lake, take a quick drive to downtown Litchfield and order a delicious ice cream cone at Papa’s Sweet Tooth (this is featured in the video as Sweet Escape, which has now changed ownership but still features the same, delicious ice cream). This local sweets shop offers all the flavors and toppings as well as candy and baked goods.

Now that your sweet tooth has been satisfied, get settled in at your campsite and prepare for a beautiful sunset. The Lake Ripley Campground features spacious and well-maintained campsites, accommodating both tents and RVs. Create lasting memories with your family on Lake Ripley.

The Summer Enthusiast

Enjoy the outdoors with this adventure packed family day!

Burn off energy @ Memorial Park
Cool off @ the Splash Pad
Ice Cream @ Papa's Sweet Tooth
Camp out @ Lake Ripley Campground